Camsy - Our Crystal Longing

from by My Little Remix



Originally this was to be an instrumental track, but after making the initial song, I decided that I wanted to tell a more literal story with the song. The lyrics are loosely based around Rarity's view of the whole first two episodes.


I wish that I could be a crystal pony,
Living in an empire that sparkles brightly.
If I could find a way to be a crystal pony,
There would be no way to stop me from rejoicing!

I know that they have no say in how they look but
I think that they could be in need of some friends who,
Can save them from the nightmare that is King Sombre
Who made them cower in fear.

When they a woke from the curse that king Sombre put,
On them they didn't remember what had happened,
To them so I had to try and explain to them,
How their life style used to be.

Now they just shake their heads and plead their negligence,
I think that they are still scared of king sombra.
It's time we made a festival that they wont forget,
One that will remind them of their brighter days!

Now they are smiling and happy and enjoying,
The culture that was once the crystal ponies lives.
What they seem most interested in though is the,
Relic of the crystal heart.

Where is the heart that the crystal ponies long for?
I didn't know it was so important to them.
This is so terrible I know not where to find it,
What will the crystal ponies think of me now?

I think that the crystal ponies have caught on to,
The fact that there is something wrong with the heart so,
I hope that we can find it in time to stop the,
Darkness that is approaching.

Yes we found the crystal heart just in time to save,
The crystal ponies from the evil king sombra.
Now they can finally rest and know that they are safe,
It is time for me to leave them and say my goodbyes!


from The Third Beginning, released November 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Camsy Sydney, Australia

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